Introducing, SoCal Wellness Retreats!


It’s with great pleasure that I share my newest passion project, SoCal Wellness Retreats. The power of community and wellness education has made a profound impact on my life. I’m so grateful to live in beautiful San Diego California and I’m excited to share these experiences with you!

About SoCal Wellness:

I know how difficult and at times disheartening it can be to work in the wellness industry. Running from class to class or client to client, managing your own website, social media and finances, it can all be exhausting. According to a survey done by Yoga Journal, less than 15% of wellness workers can make a full time living. We think this is just wrong and we want to help.

With all the time and work you put into perfecting your craft, shouldn’t you get more than an hour to share it with your clients and shouldn’t you be compensated fairly? Being a wellness entrepreneur can feel very lonely, especially when it feels like everyone is vying for that hour of attention and no one wants to pay for your valuable time and knowledge.

But what if there was a way to take what you love and and put it on full display? What if there was a way take your talents and gifts and partner them with other wellness entrepreneurs to create incredible experiences that delivered your clients real value and also made you financially independent?

SCWR wants to support you by taking the guess work out of wellness retreats — let us help you hone your vision of the perfect location, excursions, food and partner you with other wellness specialists so that you can do what you do best and get paid well to do it. We are confident that if you’re motivated to provide the best experience for your clients that we can help you make it happen.


John Quirk

Founder of Q Yoga, John hails from New York originally but feels right at home on the west coast with flip flops on and a vegan taco in hand. Moving from corporate life as a television producer into teaching yoga full time in 2014, John was able to draw on years of experience exploring the New York City yoga community and has been lucky to practice many styles under some incredible teachers. 

John first found love for asana and kirtan with Jivamukti Yoga Center, Laughing Lotus and later with Dharma Mittra before meeting his teacher Jhon Tamayo of Atmananda Yoga in 2014. It was under Tamayo that John completed both his 200 and 300 hour trainings and is now registered as an ERYT-500.

Upon receiving his 300 hour certification in September 2015, John began a rigorous full-time teaching schedule of around 20 classes a week throughout New York and New Jersey. John's passion to teach has never wavered as he has now moved into teaching teachers in 200 RYT format and has led retreats in Costa Rica, Bali and Southern California. John also works as a mentor to new teachers in his spare time and works with rescue animals and animal rescue organizations. His two rescue dogs Theo and Lola are his biggest fans!