Top 10 favorite things about San Diego (Part 1)

This week marked a year since I moved to San Diego and oh my what a year it’s been. I’ve led my first teacher training, started and left a company, met some amazing people, ate some amazing food and have seen some incredible sites.

It’s hard to condense into one list all that I love about this beautiful city into one post so I’m going to go the easy route and do half now and half later this week =)

Here’s my top 10 list (so far) of my favorite things to do in San Diego!

10) Hotel Del Coronado / Coronado Beach - This landmark site and its surrounding beaches are nothing short of spectacular. I’ve been lucky to have some private clients down here so getting to be inside I can safely say it really lives up to the hype. A favored spot of Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Ronald Regan and many, many more of Hollywood’s elite through the years. There’s a full dog beach I love to take my pups to, situated right next to a Naval base so you get to see some pretty cool flyovers and the occasional training exercise in the Pacific Ocean. My younger dog, Lola, likes to sneak through the fence onto said training grounds which can be a real invigorating experience getting her back wondering if I’ll be shot at.

9) Mission Beach / PB Boardwalk - “PB” or Pacific Beach has some of the best sights and people watching in all of San Diego. One of my favorite weekend activities is to put on my roller skates and skate all the way from Mission Beach up to the cliffs of La Jolla. You’ll pass by street performers, sunbathers, tourists from every corner of the world and some cool shops. The pier at Pacific Beach has an amusement park and even cottages you can stay in.

8) Balboa Park - Lucky I am to live only a few blocks from the south entrance of one of San Diego’s true gems! Balboa Park has so many nooks and crannies to explore, I’ve been half lost (fully lost) in the hiking trails on a couple of occasions and although I’m there just about every day I feel like there’s so much I haven’t seen! The park boasts a full 18 hole golf course, art exhibits and the Japanese Friendship Garden called Sen Kei En. The Balboa Park Botanical Garden contains over 2,100 species of local plant life and hosts different events with the arts. The best part is, the museums and gardens are all offered at various times for free to San Diego residents!

7) Trilogy Sanctuary - What a fun concept and super high vibes at the trendy spot right in the middle of La Jolla. Whether you just want to grab a quick bite or spend the whole afternoon doing aerial yoga on the roof, dining in the cafe and maybe even staying for open mic night, Trilogy Sanctuary really has it all. The location I feel like lends itself to a real eclectic mix, surfers, yogis and La Jolla locals all flood in for smoothies, vegan nachos as well as some great yoga classes and cool workshops. Trilogy is a full function yoga studio offering classes morning noon and night as well as teacher training and much much more.

6) Cafe Gratitude - From the first time I stepped into this cute little cafe downtown I fell in love. Foodie style dining, all plant-based, with a yoga twist, sign me up! Your server will ask you a question of the day and every meal is themed, such dishes as “humble” “enlightened” and “refreshed” will open you up to some incredible possibilities of what vegan fine dining can be. Their onsite bakery churns out some of the most incredible raw cakes and baked goods I have ever had, vegan or non-vegan. I’m such a huge fan I’ve now incorporated Cafe Gratitude as the main caterer to our local yoga retreats AND I pick up catering from them every Sunday morning as my meal prep for the week and at around $100 a week I feel like I’m stealing, It’s THAT good!

John Quirk